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This is the index page into articles about Co-operatives, non-profit association or social enterprises who are or were a part of the Maleny Co-operatives movement.

Please add a link here to any new pages-

Social Enterprises

Maple Street Co-op

Maple Street Co-operative Society Limited Maple Street Co-op

The Up Front Club

Black Possum Publishing Co-operative

1991 to 1996

See Coop Review#Volume 1 Issue 2 1990 page 20

Environmental Co-operatives

Barung Landcare

Booroobin Bush Magic

Green Hills Fund

Maleny Wastebusters

Local Economic Development


Local Economic & Enterprise Development Co-op

Hinterland Business Centre


1990 to present (1990 to 2001 known as Maleny Enterprise Network Association (MENA)


Local Energy Trading System

1987 to present

Maleny Credit Union


1984 to present

Education and Learning

Community Settlement Co-operatives

Shared land Co-operatives that focus on reforestation and providing affordable housing

Cedarton Foresters

Crystal Waters

Eco Village in the Conondale Valley

Manduka Community Settlement Co-op

Prout Community